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10 Dec 2012

About - "My Life I Owe"

I cannot think of anything more selfless than sacrificing yourself for someone else. My mind cannot fathom how daunting a task that must have been for Jesus; for God to send him to be killed and for Jesus to be willing to go. He died for every sin and trespass I would commit and for every iniquity I would fail to resist. I can just imagine him saying to God, "Father, I know you know all the things Carolanne is going to do against you and I know she'll make you furious more than just a few times in her life, but... PLEASE! Don't punish her! Whatever price you would demand of her, I will pay it! Beat me instead of her! Kill me so you won't have to kill her! "... and so God lifted his hand of protection from Jesus and allowed him to be beaten.. whipped... shamed... killed... in my place...

When I think of the sacrifice Jesus made for me, I cannot help thinking of the men and women of the armed forces, who daily give up their peace (being surrounded by the overwhelming sounds of war... of cries for help... of cries of aggression against them...) and safety so that I can sit here and freely type this article without fear of repercussion. They leave their homes, families and sacrifice relationships so that I can put head to pillow each night without a care in the world. Yet, as much as I appreciate all they sacrifice, Jesus sacrificed more. He did what many soldiers have done in the line of duty, but not just for a choice few; for everyone in the world! Again, if anyone can understand what it means to put ones life on the line for friends and even strangers, it is the men and women of the armed forces. I hope they understand above all the sacrifice God made for them; that they continually run to Him for peace of mind while in the war zones; once they are home, that they will continually resist the idea that they are still submerged in the thralls of war by continuing to run to God; that they realize they are home and safe; and for those that did not make it back home, may they rest in the arms of God and know Him in a way those still living cannot.

Prayer: "May I never forget that I owe people love, but I owe God devotion!"

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." - John 15:13



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