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18 Oct 2012

About - "Lord in Your Presence"

Quite a few years ago, while in the midst of listening to a sermon by Pastor Brian Leifeste delivered at Grace Christian Center in Killeen, TX this song came to me whole, complete and without any premeditation concerning wording and etc. As I reflected on his words about 'allowing God to change you', this song just poured from my heart and I began to pen right there during the service.

Just before the song flooded me, I remember thinking, "God, help me see people the way you do. Help people not to see me when I sing. Let them see You in me because I have nothing to offer that is superior to who you are...  If they can see you in me, then they will give you glory!" Once Pastor Leifeste was done with his sermon, he turned to me and asked if I had a song to sing. He asked this having no idea I was penning while I sat at the baby grand. I was so thankful that I was given that opportunity during the final prayer and closing of the service. That all seems like such a long time ago, but is still very fresh in my heart.

Pastor Brian, may you never stop inspiring songs of the Lord in others!

Prayer: "God, may my heart forever seek to know yours. May my life shine with your love, compassion and greatness that people may recognize I am no longer the same person they may have once known; and may they forever give you glory for the change they see in me!"

"When thou said, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, LORD, will I seek." - Psalms 27:8



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