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23 Oct 2012

About - "Hallelujah To the Lamb of God"

Years ago I spent some time pondering what it meant to offer God "the highest praise". Though I had often heard it said down through the years that 'hallelujah' is the highest praise one can offer God, I needed to know why. I did a search of my digital bible for the actual word 'hallelujah' and time and time again I came across the expression "praise ye the Lord". This led me to surmise that the best thing I can offer God is to talk about the wonderful things He has done and encourage others (apparent by the use of the King James English word 'ye' meaning 'all of you' or if your background is country, 'y'all') to do the same. So with that sentiment in my heart I set out to sing to God that very precious word of action and out of it came this reflective chorus of adoration.

A note for this song is the fact that it was designed to have a lead adlib over the top beginning at the key change. So if you are a gospel singer who needs to further development in terms of adlibbing, this is the practice song for you. With an unscripted lead vocal, this chorus becomes the perfect vehicle to help develop your musicality, timing and sensitivity to phrasing via breath control. Remember to enjoy your vocal freedom and I'm sure it will quickly and easily become one of your favorites!

Prayer: "May I never forget to tell God how wonderful He is or forget to slow down long enough to admire His work in my life and in the lives of others!"

"Praise ye the LORD. Praise the LORD, O my soul." - Psalms 146:1



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