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  • 02 Jan 2014, News
  • Carolanne Leads "Now Behold the Lamb"
  • Hello Everyone! During a Christmas Celebration, held December 22, 2013 I was given the privilege of leading a song entitled "Now Behold the Lamb". It is my honor to be able to share that time with you! I invite you to enjoy the entire program at your leisure.  If you do not have enough time, then you may find the song 29minutes and 27seconds into this video or you may view the song alone ...
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  • 02 Mar 2013, News
  • Song "New Wine" Featured by MusicaNeo!
  • MusicaNeo has chosen to feature the song "New Wine" along side some very brilliant composers!  Visit the link below to hear the composition! CLICK > view all featured sheet music or CLICK HERE
  • 26 Feb 2013, News
  • "More Than Enough for Me" Has Gone Live!
  • I am happy to announce the song "More Than Enough for Me" has just gone LIVE on! Come hear it like you've never heard it before! Carolanne?l=0 For sheet music visit: http:// sheetmusic/ sm-173139_more_than_enough_for_ me.html
  • 10 Dec 2012, News
  • Compositions on Jango Radio
  • If you have not already heard, Jango Radio is a platform where the works of new artists are showcased right along side well known artists and composers.  As of week 47 of 2012 "You Never Leave Me Alone" is in rotation on Jango Radio, as are two other compositions that have yet to be shared here at MusicaNeo; "Father Author of My Soul" and "King of Kings"!  Click here to listen! If you like what you hear, please take the time to give a 'LIKE' on ...
  • 18 Oct 2012, News
  • "My Life I Owe" Featured in MusicaNeo Promo
  • Just after 10:30a.m. CT the chorus "My Life I Owe" was promoted to being featured on the homepage of MusicaNeo in the "special featured sheet music" section!  Check it out! I count it a high honor to be featured among such excellent musicians and composers! I would like to publicly thank MusicaNeo for outstanding service and for the privilege of using their site as a platform to send choruses around the world in mere seconds! A special ...
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  • 16 Oct 2012, News
  • Facebook Group
  • The Wonders of Worship has launched a new Facebook Group, so if you like what you hear and would like to keep up with the latest songs and chorues, come join us at: and remember: VISIT * LISTEN * BUY * TEACH someone else the choruses you've heard!